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When to Plant Fall Food Plots? Is it TOO LATE?

When Should You Plant Fall Food Plots?

This is food plot week! All across the whitetail’s, range hunters are watching their weather apps praying for rain. Rain is the essential ingredient to fall food plots (besides PlotStart), and our friend Jeff Sturgis at Whitetail Habitat Solutions wants you to be ready! Generally fall food plots across the Midwest can be planted from late July to late August, but there are always variables to consider. Jeff just released this new video on “when to plant fall food plots” breaking down some of the most popular fall food plot mixes, and solo plantings like brassicas, greens, cereal grains (rye, oats, and wheat), and perennial mixes like ladino clover. Check out the video below!

When to spray PlotStart?

If you are a fan of Jeff Sturgis, you are either planting plots soon with rain or likely laying over buckwheat with a no-till method.  Generally, you need to spray PlotStart at the time of planting, before, or shortly after. Do not mix PlotStart with glyphosate, and do not spray PlotStart over actively growing or freshly germinated plots, especially annuals. Read more on the no-till method and application with buckwheat below.
Buckwheat No Till Food Plot and DeerGro