DeerGro: Feed Your Food Plots

Feed Your Food Plots | North American Whitetail Article

Featured in North American Whitetail “DeerGro: Feed Your Food Plots” by Mike Carney explains how in combination PlotStart and PlotBoost work to literally feed your food plots!

As land managers, we’re all looking to maximize our available time in the field for optimal productivity and results.

Years ago as a city boy just learning the planting ropes, I received some valuable advice from a seasoned farmer who was mentoring me: “You can’t cram on a farm.”

Internalizing that axiom has served me well, as it’s natural law and irrefutable truth, but I’ve also learned through trial and much error of a few tricks that can help speed the process along – while also delivering great results.

A recent example is the addition of a couple of liquid products from DeerGro into my planting regimen.” – Mike Carney

Mike tested both PlotStart and PlotBoost on both his corn and bean food plots. He had this to say about his results and experience with both products!

Mike Carney on PlotStart:

 “I experienced vigorous bean and corn growth right out of the gate and through the growing season, in spite of below-average June rainfall in my region of central Illinois.

As importantly, it saved the hassle and expense of renting a lime cart to spread tons of lime, into a simple job of just adding 2.5 gallons of PlotStart into my regular ATV sprayer per acre of ground treated. I saved both money – and time – and experienced great plant health and growth, as evidenced in my early-August, chest-high Real World soybean plots.”

Mike Carney on PlotBoost:

 “PlotBoost is applied at 32 ounces per acre, and can be mixed with glyphosate, so when you spray your beans or corn, you can also feed them for optimal growth at the same time. One of the meaningful benefits to including PlotBoost in your Round-up ready bean treatments, in particular, is the reduction or elimination of yellowing and burning after spraying, which after adjusting my glyphosate rate with help from Jeremy Flinn at DeerGro, worked like a charm. Again, in spite of below-average June rainfall – my late-July beans were the healthiest and tallest I’d ever grown.

PlotBoost works by dramatically improving fertilizer uptake and use by your food plots, which can allow you to use less fertilizer annually because your plants can absorb more nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It also helps plants withstand harsh environmental conditions like drought, disease, and insects.”

Photo Credit: Mike Carney

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