How To Spray Your Food Plot with DeerGro|PlotStart and PlotBoost Mixing Instructions

DeerGro PlotStart and PlotBoost Spray Instructions | How To Spray Your Food Plot

Spring is here and food plot season is ramping up! This is both your and our busy season. Food plots are being tilled, the soil is being prepared, and seeds are going into the ground. You already know you need to increase your soil health and give your food plot the right start…that’s where we come in. Our products are becoming better known for ease and effectiveness, it solves the problems of everyday food plotters. Today we want to solve another one. Here are mixing instructions for our products, how to spray your food plot with DeerGro products, and how they work on your food plots.

How Much Water To Use With DeerGro| Applying PlotStart and PlotBoost

(Video) Weston Schrank demonstrates how to spray your food plot with DeerGro and how much water to mix with PlotStart and PlotBoost. PlotStart and PlotBoost are on a per acre application not the typical per gallon application you see with herbicides.

How to Spray Your Food Plot With DeerGro

Unlike herbicide applications which are usually ounces per gallon, our jugs and sprays are on a per acre basis. This means you buy the units that cover your acreage. To make this easier to understand we are going to play through a scenario. For this scenario, we are going to use round-up-ready soybeans as the example food plot so we can play through both the PlotStart and PlotBoost examples.

We have a 6-acre food plot. Knowing a 1-acre jug of PlotStart is equivalent to a ton of lime and is a lime replacement for food plots that will result in a soil health change starting immediately and ongoing, we go ahead and purchase six 2.5 gallon jugs of PlotStart to cover 6 acres. Now from past experiences with this food plot we know it takes two full 35-gallon tanks to evenly coat herbicides, pesticides, or whatever needs applying evenly across the 6 acres. Now rather than adding 3 oz. per gallon like you would with a herbicide we add PlotStart on a per acre basis. If it takes two full 35-gallon tanks of water to spray 6 acres, then one tank sprays 3 acres evenly. Three 1-acre jugs of PlotStart will be mixed into one tank, the other 3 jugs in the next tank. After tilling or disking, we spray the tanks of water and PlotStart on the food plot. Several weeks after our application the beans are off to a great start. After some time the beans are out of the seedling stage and are starting to become in competition with some weed species. Knowing we are going to have to spray Round up or Glyphosate over the beans, we want to avoid the “yellow flash” or yield drag and loss after spraying. Knowing PlotBoost can be directly mixed into the tank with the herbicide to fight this yield drag and boost the yield past normal, and increase the health, nutrient, and water uptake of each individual plant, we again buy six 1-acre jugs of PlotBoost to mix into our herbicide application across two 35 gallon tanks of water.

We hope this scenario helps with how to spray your food plots with DeerGro products. Please contact us with any questions or view or food plot questions to see if your question has already been answered.