Food Plot Enhancement Spray That Boosts Your Food Plots

Food Plot Enhancement Spray | How DeerGro’s PlotBoost Works

Food Plot Enhancement Spray That Boosts Your Food Plots

With food plots going in now through June and again opening up for fall food plots, it’s a good thing to begin thinking of maintaining these food plots and controlling weeds in them. For most of us, this means herbicide use. Why this article will not dive straight into what herbicides to use on certain food plots, it will give you an idea of how to enhance your food plots while maintaining them at the same time. How? By using the food plot enhancement spray, PlotBoost!

With many food plotters beginning to think about controlling their food plots as the summer and more weeds arrive they will begin to wonder about those herbicides’ effects. While food plotters are worried about getting their soil right and their food plot’s pH right before planting, they will again start worrying after their seeds germinate. This distress comes in two forms, one competition with weeds and two individual plant health. With controlling weeds it might be as simple as an herbicide application, but this might cause or lead to a decline in the plant’s health. How? Herbicide yield drag, commonly in the form of a “Yellow flash” on your food plot plants after application of an herbicide. We see this a lot in roundup-ready beans and corn that experience yield drags after an application of glyphosate (roundup). Luckily for you and your food plots, there is a solution to this yearly problem. PlotBoost, a food plot enhancement spray can be directly mixed into the tank with herbicides to prevent and boost plants beyond the yield drag effects of an application. This is big news! This foliar-applied food plot enhancement spray is the second product in the 2 product process of DeerGro, the first being an application of PlotStart for a food plot’s soil health. PlotBoost is absorbed by the plant to increase water uptake, and nutrient uptake, and fight yield dragging effects of an herbicide application.

Each and every time you want to give your food plots a boost, or when you spray herbicides to control weeds, PlotBoost is your answer!

Food Plot Enhancement Spray | PlotBoost Sizzle Reel

(Video)- PlotBoost™ is a spray for use on food plots, crops, vegetables, trees, and lawns. Developed by an American company that is a 30-year veteran of the agricultural industry, PlotBoost’s™ unique mix of complex carbohydrates, amino acids, and micronutrients NOT found in traditional fertilizers allow your plantings to reach their maximum potential. MADE IN THE U.S.A., PlotBoost™ affects both the plant and the immediate soil environment to maximize effectiveness.

The food plot enhancement spray PlotBoost™ will enrich your food plot and plantings by:

  • Boosts plant growth
  • Explodes growing environment with highly-desired nutritional supplements necessary to maximize growth and yield
  • Can be applied with any type of sprayer: hand-pump, backpack, ATV/UTV, or Tractor
  • Drastically improve fertilizer uptake and use by your food plots. Use less fertilizer annually because your plants can absorb more Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.
  • Able to withstand harsh environmental conditions like drought, disease, and insects.
  • Reduces negative growth effects in food plots when using Round-up® or Glyphosate.
  • Improves efficiency of water use by plants, allowing them to thrive in dry conditions.

How to Use PlotBoost™

 STEP 1: Determine proper timing and frequency of spraying:

Spring plantings (Ex: clover, alfalfa, chicory) North – May to July (up to 3X); South – March to June (up to 3X)

Summer plantings (Ex: corn, soybeans, sorghum) North – May to August (up to 3X); South – April to August (up to 3X)

Fall plantings (Ex:  wheat, brassica, turnips) North – August to November (up to 3X); South – September to December (up to 3X)

STEP 2: Mix rate and other chemicals

Apply PlotBoost™ at a rate of 32 oz (1 quart) per acre. It can be mixed directly with Round-up® or Glyphosate, fungicides, insecticides, and other herbicides in the same spray tan, saving time!

STEP 3: Spray It and Leave It

You are done! The proprietary mix of PlotBoost™ will do the rest and your food plot or other plantings will grow to its maximum potential.

How To Grow and Maintain Great Clover Food Plots

(Video) – Part 3 of our small food plot series. This video covers how to control weeds, maintain, and grow the best clover food plots on your property. In this third installment of the “Small Food Plot” series, The Buck Advisors’ Weston Schrank discusses how to control weeds in small clover food plots to maximize nutrition and biomass.

By mixing your herbicide applications and the food plot enhancement spray, PlotBoost, into the same tank, you get the desired effect of weed control without the negative yield drags associated with it. DeerGro 2 product system will create the best food plot results by dealing with the base, your soil and food plot’s nutrients, and the individual plant health and attractiveness to deer.