Your Food Plot and its pH | How PlotStart Works

How PlotStart Works | Food Plot Lime Alternative

With food plot season in full swing and most crops just weeks if not days away, depending on the region, from being planted, it is time to start thinking about your food plot’s pH and health. Getting this right leads to success down the road. The success comes in the form of better food plots, healthy food plots, and more attractive food plots! It all starts with the base, and if you want results starting immediately and increasing your food plot’s soil health immediately, go with PlotStart!

Raising pH In Food Plots For Deer | PlotStart Sizzle Reel

(Video)- PlotStart™ is a calcium-based spray for use on food plots, crops, vegetables, trees, and lawns. Developed by an American company that is a 30-year veteran of the agricultural industry, PlotStart™ provides instantly soluble and available calcium PLUS a unique mix of complex carbohydrates, amino acids, and micronutrients NOT found in traditional fertilizers allow your plantings to explode from seed to plant, and begin to grow at full potential. MADE IN THE U.S.A., PlotStart™ targets the soil providing the most beneficial growing environment possible.

How Does PlotStart Work?

What are the fundamentals of PlotStart? Basically, your food plots need calcium and other cations, not lime, and DeerGro has the products to affect the plots immediately without using lime by releasing locked-up nutrients that already exist in your soil profile while at the same time providing the plant an instant shot of available nutrients including calcium. If you do your research on lime you will find that Lime is not an essential nutrient, only a carbonate material that contains mostly insoluble calcium that the plant cannot access for some time…. and that pH is not a result, only an indicator of the lack of nutrients or abundance of nutrients in the soil.

If you look at soil test reports you will recognize the patterns, excess base saturation % of nutrients = high pH, and low percentage of nutrients = low pH. All you need to do is unlock(bio-activate) and recycle nutrients in the soil and from plant matter/crop residue and they will begin to park in the space that hydrogen is occupying. When it comes down to what is actually occurring in the soil after applying PlotStart, it is knocking out the Hydrogen with the release of Ca, Mg, and K.

If all you have ever heard is lime is “the best and only way to increase your food plots pH”, it is incorrect with the fact that all you need to do to truly change soil pH is to add Sodium(Na). This will change your food plot’s pH much quicker than lime, however, your plot will not do well because of the imbalance of Nutrients. Try applying a ton/acre of sodium to a small area,(not a good idea) this is proof that pH is an indicator, not a result.

When should you apply PlotStart? Now! Before planting apply the recommended rate of PlotStart on the food plots. Till or disk your food plot and apply PlotStart, you can plant the same day.

How To Plant Successful Small Food Plots for Deer

(video)- Food plots are popular among deer hunters, with the majority of food plots at or less than 1 acre in size. Establishing a successful food plot of this size battles a whole new set of elements from deer overbrowsing to hunter pressure. In this first installment of the “Small Food Plot” series, The Buck Advisors’ Weston Schrank discusses his plan and preparation for this year’s small food plot.

NO MORE THOUSANDS OF POUNDS OF AG LIME PER ACRE! What is desired from lime is calcium, so why not apply STRAIGHT CALCIUM to your plantings?! One 2.5-gallon bottle can give the effect of 1 Ton of Lime.

PlotStart™ will enhance your food plots and plantings by:

  • Shown to work up to 3X faster than ag lime.
  • Provide more essential nutrients for antler and body growth of deer.
  • Increase plant germination (sprouting) by exploding the growing environment with more nutrient availability and soil microbes.
  • Can be applied with any type of sprayer: hand-pump, backpack, ATV/UTV, or Tractor
  • Can be applied to the tilled or untilled ground
  • Can be applied to aging perennial plots to boost pH and improve nutrient usage.
  • Drastically improve fertilizer uptake and use by your food plots. Use less fertilizer annually because your plants can absorb more Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.
  • Able to withstand harsh environmental conditions like drought, disease, and insects.
  • Fuller and healthier plots for increased nutrients to grow bigger bucks.

DeerGro products will unlock nutrients and give the food plot what it needs even while the pH is less than ideal…now that’s a big deal because pH changes in the soil on a daily basis depending on moisture and many other environmental factors.